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Artists who took part in this Exhibition ‘Embracing Differences’

Sheran Baker, Julie Bradshaw, Emma Dunster Price, Sybil Anderson and Sally Harbour.


Beach Creative Poster

Our next exhibition will be at Beach Creative in Herne Bay.

Some of the members of Perrywood Arts will be showing their diverse new artworks.

Artists who will be exhibiting are Sally Harbour, Sheran Baker, Emma Dunster-Price, Julie Bradshaw, Sybil Anderson and Emmaline Higgs.

More information about the show coming soon.


Julie is a member of Perrywood Arts.  Hear her amasing interview.


Anne Seller – Print Maker


Emma Dunster Price – Mixed Media Painter and Horseshoe Crafter


Linda Jordan – Ceramic Artist


Sally Harbour – Mixed Media Painter


Sheran Baker – Recycling Artist


Sybil Anderson – Textile Crafter