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Art Trail

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I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all the ARTISTS, HELPERS and VISITORS who helped make the Perrywoodarts Event a success despite the rain.

Please see ‘Flickr Photos’ for Photography taken on 19th August 2007 at The Event.


To an Exhibition

St Mary’s Church Chilham

All Welcome

Doors Open all Day

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Perry Wood Art Trail

Woodland Painting: One of Sally Higgs’ Four Seasons large 8ftx6ft mixed media paintings of Perry Wood.

Drawing Room: Sally will lead a drawing workshop to construct an ‘evolving planet’.

Storytelling, Dance & Music: Spirits of the forest move among us.
Join with the woodland to create movement. ‘Arcaya’ will lead informal dance for all, with storytelling at 2pm.

Evolving Planets: Tanya Jones & Sally Higgs collaborate to produce a series of globes: a collision of media!

Recycle installation: Sheran Baker makes Art from discarded materials: dead rose petals, used tea leaves and tea bags.

The Heart – is this where it started?
Huge Rhododendrons, twisted and bent into strange forms may have been the beginning of the plantation now found throughout that area of the woods.
(Patricia Wilson Smith)

Painting on Perspex: Tanya Jones’ work reflects her interest in art, science and the environment.

Science Lab: an ‘interactive’ forest lab to encourage children and adults to explore the natural environment of Perry Woods – Tanya Jones in collaboration with Ray Newsam from the Biosciences department at the University of Kent.

Antler Shelter: Kate Windsor’s work celebrates the magic of childhood and survival in the wild.

The Dragon: A seven-foot driftwood dragon created by Ella Challis.

Outdoor Painting Demonstration: James Bradley will demonstrate some painting techniques.

Sculpture Workshop: Building from found materials with Kate Windsor.

Poet Tree: Visitors are invited to take Lesley Macintyre’s poem home with them.

Children’s Art: A selection of work produced in workshops throughout the year.

‘Top Trunks’: Can you collect the whole set?
Along the trail you will have seen photographs of special trees in the woods. Pick up a map and see if you can spot any of them on your walks. Come back and check the results – for every one you find you’ll get a colour sticker!
(Patricia Wilson Smith)

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This event has been supported by:

Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Chilham Environmental Protection Society

Chilham Shop

Friends of Perry Wood

START 2005

Swale Borough Council

University of Kent


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START 2005 (Support Through Art) is a charity that supports a charitable NGO in the Republic of Moldova to give aid to families in poverty and help prevent the trafficking of children through physical support and education. Display from artists in Moldova.

Paul Smith’ sketches of Perrywood

Selling Art Class exhibit their watercolour paintings. Their tutor is Paul Smith.

Sheran Bakers’ recycle display

Tanya Jones’ light boxes and prints

Ray Newsams’ woodland photography

James Bradleys’ pastels

Anne Sellers’ prints and books

Sally Higgs’ paintings, sculpture and video: ‘Riding through the Seasons’

Selling Primary School boats, totem poles, myths and legends

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Please click the images below for larger more detailed versions.

Selling and Perry Wood map
Art Trail Map
Google Earth Aerial View Map
Aerial View Map

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Arcaya Flyer

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ART IN PERRY WOOD – Artists’ responses to an area of natural beauty

An Open Air Art Trail and Exhibition are the ingredients of an unusual one-day

Art event to take place at Perry Wood, Selling on Sunday 19th August. Situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty, Perry Wood at Selling, near Faversham, is a popular place for walkers and for family outings, covering several acres of the countryside with a rich and varied woodland habitat. Swale Borough Council have given full support to the artists’ project, which will feature, among many creative responses to the environment, an outdoor laboratory and a woodland performance, as well as workshops and activities for adults and children to share. There will also be a temporary exhibition space at Selling Village Hall. Visitors can pick up a footpath map to the Woods, which is about a mile away, or make their own way directly to the car park area of the woodland. The Art Trail will be situated close to the car park, Here visitors will find sculptures, a photographic trail, woodland shelters, the outdoor lab. and artists’ books and paper work. The event runs from 11am to 5pm.

Perry Wood Arts was devised by Sally Higgs, a recent graduate of Canterbury College, who lives in the area and who has been working with local artists and children in workshops to promote understanding and interaction with the area’s rich natural environment. Some of the children’s work will be on display at both sites. There is no admission charge for this event, which has been generously supported by the University of Kent, Friends of Perry Wood, the Chilham Environmental Protection Society and START 2005, an artists’ charity.

Contact details:

Sally Higgs: email: sallymhiggs(at)yahoo.co.uk
Patricia Wilson Smith email: pat.wilson(at)i-machine.co.uk

PERRY WOOD ARTS is the outcome of collaboration between graduate artist Sally Higgs and artist/curator Patricia Wilson Smith
, who share a passion and concern for the natural environment. The one-day event has drawn together artists with similar interests, but with very different approaches:

The outdoor lab will be a collaboration between artists Tanya Jones and Ray Newsam from the Biosciences department at the University of Kent. The installation will include magnifying glasses, microscopes and art inspired by microscopy from previous collaborations. Ray Newsam’s professional career has been based around scientific photography and microscopy in the biological sciences, where he records in accurate detail structures as small as molecules. In this exhibition, his interest in the natural world is reflected in a set of monochrome photographs recording woods, water and atmosphere, which show the calming and contemplative nature of the relationship offered by natural world. Tanya’s work, which includes an installation, reflects her interest in art, science and the environment using recycled materials in response to Perry Woods.

Recycling plays an important part in Sheran Baker’s work, using ingredients such as dead rose petals, used tea leaves and tea bags. By making art from discarded materials, she hopes to provoke the viewer into seeing throwaway materials in a different light, politically and aesthetically.

Performance artist ‘Arcaya’ will lead storytelling and dance, and in her role as a wood spirit will entice visitors around the artists’ trail in the woodland. This is a new venture for the dancer, who has recently moved back into her home town, after working in London for several years.

Anne Sellers’ work is a reflection on the histories that can be read in the woodland: the story of what has happened to a tree and how it has responded. Her images are attempts both to capture a moment, and to express perpetual movement.

Sally Higgs’ large Four Seasons Paintings are based on the journeys in Perry wood throughout the year. She is interested in the environment, what is happening in it and the changes that are taking place, and wants to highlight Perry Wood, and raise awareness of this area of outstanding beauty.

Sally Higgs, Tanya Jones and Sheran Baker’s collaborative work is with the children who attended a Summer Garden Fete. It was organised by Chilham Environmental Protection Society (CEPS) at the Old Vicarage and was in response to the trees and natural habitation.

Patricia Wilson Smith’s photography is an attempt to anthropomorphise distinctive features in the woodland. The trees particularly, which constitute the wood, are given their own identity, and visitors are challenged to find them in their wanderings.

Painter James Bradley is a keen landscape painter. He has recently set up a tutor-led art group, where he encourages his students to consider their subject ‘through the eyes of a child’.

Kate Windsor’s work is based loosely on the myth of Diana and Actaeon. Inspired by Titian’s famous painting on this theme, her shelters become objects that celebrate the magic of childhood and the instinct for survival..

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