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Artists – Sheran Baker, Tanya Jones, Ray Newsam, Anne Seller, Katy Windsor,  Pat Wilson-Smith, James Bradley and Sally Higgs

The work on show includes a selection of  the exhibits that were in Perrywood and follows the theme of the outdoor event held in August.

On September 19th the whole school visited the exhibition in St Mary’s Church.

The children arrived in classes and were given an introduction by Sally Higgs and Pat Wilson-Smith.  We then showed them round giving them a chance to ask questions and write comments.  This was a very rewarding experience for the artists involved and the children enjoyed their chance to see contemporary artwork in the local church environment.

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Chilham Church Exhibition

Chilham Church Exhibition

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Art Trail 2007



We followed the trail and were very impressed with the ideas and the talent involved with setting this day up – how cruel was the weather! I do hope that the day with all its concepts will be repeated.

Thank you wood nymphs for the delightful story.

Like the style and the painting has inspired me.

I loved the large painting and the video of the woods. I’d love to do a painting like that in situ – sometime – if you want a painting companion ring me.

What a lovely idea – even in the rain it was an interesting experience which hopefully will be repeated. Thanks to all who contributed.

Well done – lovely idea – shame about the weather. I like the horse riding through the wood.

I think this exhibition is a great idea, ‘More,’ I call more, things like that, which can bring more light, fun and happiness in our lives. Thank you.


Will you be having another similar event? When?

Can I take part next time?

Love the evolving planets.

Can I take part in an adult workshop to create a large painting?

Are you having another one next year? Let us know when.

That is a fantastic driftwood dragon.

I think hanging is the most effective way to display work in the wood.

If you have any more mad/crazy ideas, let me know, I would like to be involved again.

It is a fascinating display of re-cycling in the hall.

How are the coloured circles made? Are they moulds
What are the antlers made of? We used to have some wood that looked like antlers.
Did you paint the large paintings in the woods? How did you do them?

I have seen some arty videos before but this was the first one that I have enjoyed.

We enjoyed it despite the rain. Will you be having another?

What a lot of organisation it must have taken to have such a diverse selection of exhibitors.

The recycle installation has evolved into some exciting shapes like cocoons. I have some great photos.


Shame about the rain today but well done anyway!!!

Great day. Thanks for opportunity. Hope you were pleased despite weather.


Well done for braving the weather yesterday – it was a great event, but such a rotten day! All the signs and everything must have taken ages to do, and I hope you felt it was worthwhile. Lots of people asked if it would happen again – so that’s a great endorsement!

The photo looks great, really effective. My mum summed it up when she said, ‘but I can’t see you.’ That, I think, is the point, we blend in.

Didn’t we have a good time regardless of the weather?

Just recovered from Sunday my arms were killing me, despite the weather I thought it went really well. Well done to you for all your hard work!

Once again well done I think everyone involved did really well to make it a success, just such a shame about the rain, but in true British style we battled on.

Despite the weather, it was a successful day, in many ways! I was pleased to see so many people turn up to see the event and can imagine how great it could’ve been given better weather.

Ray’s idea of a shelter from the rain is a good one. I don’t think we can ever depend on the sun shining! Regardless of weather it was great to be involved with others. Creativity and art can be very isolating. I loved the diversity of work.

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