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Jenny Duncan’s Workshop

A selection of photographs of unfired tiles designed by visitors in the wood.

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Sarah Allsop

This is a photo of  the artwork painted by Sarah at the Art Trail in Perrywood.

Drawing and Oil Painting

“The event was full of magic.  I love the planet mobiles, the dragonfly sculptures, the nest and the printing press etc”

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Helen Mayer ‘White Shed’ artist

Many of the trees in Perry Wood that have been coppiced in the past and regrown in a ring have a nest-like structure of leaves or moss within them. The winding and weaving of wool explores and accentuates these spaces and repeats the idea of nesting and protection.

Nesting by Helen Mayer (Large)

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Anne Seller with visitors

The portable printing press was used in a workshop for the first time at the event in  Perrywood.resultAnne Seller with Printing Press

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Anne Wimsett ‘White Shed’ artist from Folkestone

Mad Hatters Tea Party

After a rainy start, we had a very satisfactory day in the woods with lots of interaction from not only the children, who liked to look for Alice, but also the adults who liked the idea of art outside the gallery. The movement of the textiles in the trees added life to the pieces. It was nice to see the other people’s work.  Anne Wimsett

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by Peter Duncan                               Click on photos to enlarge

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Sally Higgs

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