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Tree of Life

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An exciting new project for Perrywood Arts during Folkestone Triennial.    A fantastic life size tree will be created at The Stables, Studio 8, 35-37 Tontine Street, Folkestone highlighting the various artistic skills of members of Perrywood Arts. These skills include willow weaving, printmaking, mosaics, wood carving, silk painting, sculpture, recycled art, acrylic and oil painting etc.   The tree will grow during the run up to the triennial and continue to evolve throughout the Summer months.  Lighting will be an integral part of the structure and will illuminate the tree and add to the visual experience of the Perrywood Arts ‘Tree of Life.’

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Emmaline Walsh printmaking at Creek Creative.

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Studio at Creek Creative

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Empty ‘Group Space’ will soon be set up as a ‘Print Making Studio’ for all members of Perrywood Arts.

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Tanya and Sally share a studio called Pioneering Arts in Tontine Studio – p@ints
Studio 8, 35/37 Tontine Street, Folkestone, Kent

This is a working studio/exhibition space.

Please see website for more information and on line gallery.


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Sally’s work currently in the studio

Large Autumn oil and acrylic painting on canvas 8ft x 6ft

Autumn oil painting on canvas 8ft x 2ft

Evolving planets, 3D mixed media paintings (Sally and Tanya)

Small framed mixed media paintings

Woodland Canopy, acrylic painting on canvas

Winter oil painting on canvas 8ft x 2ft

Photograph of Section of Winter Oil PaintingWinter

Also a selection of Tanya Jones work including;


Paintings on Perspex

and Prints

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Tanya and Sally have moved into their new studio. It is in the heart of the Creative Quarter.

p@ints – Pioneering Art in Tontine Studio

Studio 8

35/37 Tontine Street



Tontine Studio

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